Christmas Quizzes ~ Pack 1

Christmas Quizzes ~ Pack 1

Christmas Quiz Archive ~ Quiz 1

If you having your annual themed Pub Quiz or you are organising a little Christmas party with friends and family at home…these quizzes have been put together in a way that should suit all levels of intelligence.
Although these quiz packs are designed for the pub quiz audience, meaning a few bits of the old grey matter will be required, everyone should at least know some of the answers.

This Quiz was made and first sold in 2006

Rd 1 ~ Christmas general knowledge
Rd 2 ~ A Christmas Link ~a link to Christmas is found in the answers
Rd 3 ~ Christmas Music ~ Number Ones
Rd 4 ~ Christmas Carols ~ The Vorderman variety!
Rd 5 ~ Your Christmas TV giude.

The Christmas Picture Quiz.
Classic Ten festive pictures for you to identify taken from;
Christmas Toys ~ Christmas Movie Characters ~ Secret Santa’s

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Quiz Price £3.50